We produce occasional reports on the buildings we have studied.

Northumbrian Building Studies, Number 1, 1994. 
Southwhitton Farmstead, 18th-century farm buildings (Northumberland);     Low Nest, a house incorporating a bastle (Cumbria);     6 Leazes Park Road (Newcastle upon Tyne), an 18th-century nurseryman’s house;     New York Forge, of the 19th century (Tyne & Wear).

Northumbrian Building Studies, Number 2, 1998.
Cutthorn Farm Cottages, 18th-century single storey cottages on the Gibside Estate, Gateshead (Tyne & Wear);     The Haining, a 17th-century farmhouse near Elsdon (Northumberland);     Stephen’s Hall, a 17th-century merchant’s house at Ryton Woodside (Tyne & Wear);     7 Rosemary Lane, a note on a town house in Newcastle upon Tyne, of the late 17th or early 18th century.

Northumbrian Building Studies, Number 3, 1999.
Holburn Mill, of medieval origins, with much surviving machinery and its complex of associated buildings (Northumberland);     Monkridge Hall, an 18th-century landowner’s house near Otterburn (Northumberland);     Middlepart Farm, with origins in the 17th century, at Belsay (Northumberland).

Northumbrian Building Studies, Number 4, 2002.
John Woodger’s Kippered Herring Smokehouse at Seahouses (Northumberland), owned by the family who originated the ‘Newcastle kipper’, with a history of the kipper;     Ladythorne Cottage, Cheswick (Northumberland), a rare surviving longhouse from the 1600s;     Ladywell Farm, near Great Bavington (Northumberland), a small 17th-century farmstead once part of the Shaftoe family’s holdings;     7 Lovaine Terrace, Alnmouth (Northumberland), an early concrete house of the 1870-80s.

Northumbrian Building Studies, Number 5, 2005.
Lansdown House, 90 Newgate Street, Morpeth (Northumberland), an 18th-century town house;     Black Heddon House, Blackheddon (Northumberland), a 17th-century minor gentry house;     Cottage, Newton Underwood (Northumberland) and comments on ‘Old Walls’, an 18th-century cottage with a late 16th- or early 17th-century ruin abutting it.

Northumbrian Building Studies, Number 6, 2006.
Tanfield Leith, Tantobie (County Durham), a 17th-century house with Methodist and mining links;     Deerkeeper’s Cottage or the Deer House, Meldon Park (Northumberland), a 17th-century standing from which to view deer in the park;     Harbottle Kennels, Harbottle (Northumberland), an unusual 19th-century superior poultry house.

Each study is illustrated by a building survey with plans, elevations, and photos, and includes a detailed description of the structure, as well as a history of its use from documentary and oral sources.

Individual volumes can be ordered at £4 per volume, or more than one volume at £4 for the first volume and £3 thereafter, e.g. vols. 3 & 4 for £7, or vols. 1-5 for £16. All prices include postage and packing.

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